Family-owned since 1896

Arthur Manigault, a successful rice planter, formed the Evening Post Publishing Company in 1896 to acquire the Charleston Courier which began publication in 1803.

Arthur’s son, Robert Manigault, was 29 when he became publisher. During his 21 years as publisher and president, the Evening Post and the News and Courier greatly increased circulation and secured a strong financial position. Robert’s brother, Edward Manigault, took over in 1945 after Robert’s death. He was succeeded by his son Peter.

From a South Carolina newspaper to a national, multimedia holding company

During the 1960s and ’70s, Peter Manigault, along with the senior leadership team of Frank Gilbreth Jr. and Hall McGee Jr., set out to find the right mix of profitability and diversification to balance the economic cycles of the newspaper business. In 1974 the team began to acquire TV assets.

Peter’s son, Pierre Manigault, is the Chairman of Evening Post Industries. He and his management team are setting forth a new strategy to provide further diversification for the shareholders, while maintaining a prudent and conservative capital structure. The carefully considered acquisition focus will further diversify the company from its media base to provide consistent profitability in a wide range of economic conditions.

Under their leadership the company is poised to take advantage of compelling investment opportunities to benefit the shareholders for generations to come.