Evening Post Industries

A Courier Square Company

Historic Success, Deeply Rooted in the Lowcountry

Courier Square’s origin can be traced back to 1894 when Charlestonian Arthur Manigault formed Evening Post which, in the centuries that followed, grew to become a thriving real estate, multimedia and healthcare company. Courier Square and its subsidiary Evening Post Industries, Inc proudly carry on this legacy focusing on real estate investing and continuing our thriving marina operating business. Our success is driven by having established a well disciplined approach to investing and developing focusing on value creation, long term returns, and capital preservation.

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How We Do It

We partner with others to develop our existing properties and invest in real estate projects and high quality assets to create opportunities, improve financial performance, and maximize return on capital. Our many years of experience enables us to thoughtfully enhance the value of each and every transaction. We believe that to be successful, one must build long term value and appreciation. This belief is at the heart of every partnership we pursue.

Cobblestone road in Charleston, SC
Sailboat in Charleston harbor
Broad Street in Charleston, SC

A Strategic Advantage

Over the last seven years we have completed over 20+ transactions, with over a $1 billion in value. We have a history of finding niches and building strong platform investments starting in media and continuing in healthcare and real estate.

  • We offer diverse experience, expertise, intellectual capital, and extensive relationships.
  • We utilize knowledge and expertise to create and structure investments that are successful in the long term.
  • We seek to preserve capital across cyclical business markets.
  • We approach each transaction with integrity and flexibility.
  • We are focused on the southeast and east coast geographies.

Get in Touch

Courier Square operates real estate assets and Harborwalk Marina. For investment opportunities or general inquires, please reach out to us via the links below.

276 E Bay Street, Charleston, SC 2940